What's with the Llama? Great Question - You Aren't the First to Ask!

Most people are unaware that "Volley Llama" is actually a slang pickleball term that is used for an illegal move (a fault) when a player hits a volley shot in the Kitchen. So, "Volley Llama" actually has some relevance to the Pickleball world.

That being said, the symbolism of the "Llama" with Pickleball is apropos. Llamas are known to be cheerful, energetic and social animals, that also tend to herd together in groups. When you think about your average Pickleball game, the elements that embody the Llama are what you can expect when you hit the courts with your new Volley Llama paddles. Picture this: Your best friends and family are with you (your herd), you have great gear (your Volley Llama paddles) and everyone is excited to be playing such a fun, energetic and competitive game. The perfect social activity some might say.  

Oh, and the Volley? I think we all might know where that one comes from :)


November 22, 2021