Heritage Pickleball Paddle

$50.00 $100.00


About the Paddle:

Introducing the Limited Edition Heritage paddle, our best paddle yet. Part of our Gen 2 series, the Heritage pickleball paddle has been optimized for performance. We have adjusted the paddle shape ever so slightly to tighten the sweet spot, add more control / power / stability, and to add a little more room on the handle. 

The Heritage paddle will certainly advance the performance for all of our intermediate players!  The heritage paddles are also lightweight, soft in feel, and have a quiet touch, which provides a low impact playing experience.

What's new with the Heritage Paddle: 

  • Shape: Slightly smaller elongated paddle face that has a tightened the sweet spot to reduce the amount of "dull" shots during game play 
  • Handle: Slightly longer handle length to provide more room for grip adjustments and to accommodate players who prefer two handed back hands
  • Weight: Slightly increased weight to 8.2 oz on average in order to support consistency in the quality of shots (power and touch shots)
  • Thickness: We are now offering two sizes of core thickness for different player preferences (13.5mm and 16mm):
    • "Power Core": A thinner core of 13.5mm caters well to the player who likes more power, speed and longer baseline shots. This core is great for someone with a tennis background 
    • "Control Core": A thicker core of 16mm (same as our Pro paddle) caters well to the player who likes more touch, softness, and control with their shots. This paddle is great for someone who spends time around the net
  • USAPA Approved: All Heritage paddles will be USAPA approved by the time you hit the courts!

    The Heritage paddle continues to incorporate leading technologies with a carbon fiber face and a spin-grit surface. Oh, and we think you'll love these new designs :)!

    Paddle Specs:

    • Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
    • Face Material: T700 Carbon Fiber 
    • Core Thickness: 
      • Power: 13.5mm
      • Control: 16mm
    • Face Width: 7.4''
    • Paddle Length: 16.5"
    • Handle Length: 5.5"
    • Handle Circumference: 4.5"
    • Weight: 8.2 oz